International Volunteer's Day

Sunday December 5, 2021

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the Enlightened being, has said:

“The law of Nature is such that if you give what you have to others, then Nature shall manage all your needs. This is the bottom line of Spiritual Science. This is the sole purpose of this human life. The essence is that your mind, body and speech should be used for others’ benefits, selflessly.”

A Strong Determination and Dedication to Serve – The Dada Bhagwan Foundation Sets an Example

In India, when the second wave of Covid pandemic became nastier, it triggered many challenges for the healthcare system and the economy as a whole.

However, with the tagline of “Manav Mandir ni Seva” meaning ‘Service to the human body which is considered a temple’ and along with the principles of compassion, purity and sincerity, the Dada Bhagwan Foundation, a non-profit spiritual organization’s COVID relief measures were on, in full force. Its frontline and secondary warriors, of whom many were volunteers, relentlessly served both, the local and the remotely located patients across India, 24x7.

These volunteers neither bothered about time, meals, rest or any other personal needs. Nothing seemed to shatter their hope or relief initiatives; not even the acute shortage of medicines or staff! Their only focus was on the effective recovery of the patients and motivating their families to pray and persevere. Above all, “Treatment first, Cost secondary; Even if we manage to save one life, the whole effort and cost are worth it” was the noble intent they all worked with!

Not only the medical team alone, but numerous other teams stood with them in this difficult hour shoulder to shoulder to help facilitate, to the extent possible, a smooth and normal life of every resident of the Amba Township and Simandhar City, wherein this organization is headquartered.

Home delivery of hot nutritional meals thrice a day, and that of medicines, grocery and all essential items was done with precise care and diligence. Ambulances were run and transport facilities were provided for the to and fro travel for Covid emergencies, tests, check-ups and treatment purposes.

Special care and attention was provided to the weak and the old, the sick and the poor so that none of them felt neglected and every need of theirs could be addressed compassionately. Thus, with the maximum support of a good amount of volunteers, a whole lot of people were able to fight and withstand the big crisis with minimum difficulty and plenty of ease.

Volunteering is a Part of the Daily Routine Here

At the Dada Bhagwan Foundation, volunteering is an integral part of almost everyone’s daily life. It is so much so ingrained into one’s daily routine that life without ‘Seva’ is hard to imagine here.

From the construction of houses to the maintenance of societies, from the grooming of youth to the caring of the old, from the bhojanshala to the dharamshala, from academic education to the spiritual studies, from serving parents to serving Gnani, be it any small activity or a mega event conducted by the organization, it thrives on pure Volunteer service, rendered by all with utmost love and care that, ‘May no living being be caused any hurt through my thoughts, words or actions.”

This is because Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan Himself constantly lived with the intention of, ‘What difficulty does the other person have, how can that difficulty be removed?’ And that is why an unconditional compassion manifested within Him. A spectacular, spiritual Science of Akram Vignan manifested in Him.

Today, on the International Volunteer’s Day, let’s bow our heads with feelings of utmost respect for all the volunteers around the world who have dedicated their mind, speech and body in the silent service of others, and pledge to volunteer our mind, speech and body too to constantly serve others.


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