On January 26, India celebrates ‘Republic day.’ It commemorates the day that the Constitution of India was enacted upon. A Constitution means that a body of fundamental principles helps a country’s leaders govern it.

The main purpose of a Constitution is to strengthen the country’s government. This in turn, protects the citizens of that country and allows the country to pay off its debts. It also enables the country to make advances in its foreign affairs, and prevent problems between states as well as prevent local issues.

Just like a Constitution helps, and protects us, so does Self Realization. How does Self Realization help us? It helps us understand and achieve the goal of human life. It helps free us from the endless cycle of birth and death, and more importantly it helps us attain permanent happiness.

The way a Constitution allows a country to remain at peace, in the same way Self-Realization allows you to experience peace in your everyday life…So why deprive yourself from the realizing your true Self?

 02-January -26

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