Vaishno devi darshan on third day

Thursday February 27, 2014

In the early morning on the 3rd day of jatra, followers and Pujya Deepakbhai started climbing Vaishno devi hills to take the blessings of Maa Vaishno devi.

Vaishno Devi 1

Vaishno Devi 2

Vaishno Devi 3

While doing darshan Pujya deepakbhai directed followers to ask for the strength for Jagat Kalyan (World Salvation) and purity from Vaishno devi.

Vaishno Devi 4

Darshan was then followed by satsang on Vaishno devi terrace.

Vaishno Devi 5

Vaishno Devi 6

Sight scene from Vaishno devi hotel.

Vaishnodevi Hotel 1

Vaishnodevi Hotel 2

Vaishnodevi Hotel 3

Vaishnodevi Hotel 4

Vaishnodevi Hotel 5

Vaishnodevi Hotel 6

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