Task 3 – Appreciate Someone

Thursday July 26, 2018

‘I Spread Happiness’ is a movement to spread happiness and positivity to others.  This is an initiative of Jova Jevi Duniya, which consists of 6 simple tasks that will leave a lasting impact in your life. These tasks have no rules. You can perform them in the simplest way you can think of. Each task should be completed in one week’s time.

‘Task 3’… Appreciate someone. Show gratitude towards someone who has left a lasting impact in your life. Appreciating others brings a smile on their faces and inspires them to do the same. In becoming the source of their happiness, lies the reason for our happiness.

Appreciation can make someone’s day. Appreciating someone for their work doesn’t make us any less important…rather we end up gaining the vision to see what is excellent in others. Sometimes a small token of appreciation can motivate and inspire others.

Once you have completed the task:

Comment 'I Have Done it' on our FB page (www.facebook.com/JovaJeviDuniya/) or

Click 'I Have Done it' on the Jova Jevi Duniya Website (http://jjd.dadabhagwan.org/)

Check out the video below for Task 3.


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