Simandhar Swami Janma Kalyanak

Saturday April 27, 2019

There have been countless of Tirthankaras in the past, and infinite number of people have attained salvation in their divine presence. The inner knowledge of all Tirthankaras is identical in every respect; their teachings never contradict from one another. However, when we invoke the worship of the present, living Tirthankara, it is of supreme value, as the vibrations of His absolute pure Self and the atoms of his physical body are presently floating in the atmosphere.

Just like Lord Mahavira was a Tirthankara, who attained Moksh around two thousand five hundred years ago; Lord Simandhar Swami is the Living Tirthankara, who is currently present in Mahavideh-Kshetra right now!!! Tirthankaras conquer the inner enemies such as anger, pride, attachment and greed, and attain Kevalgnan (Omniscience)!!! 

One cannot attain liberation without the presence of the Living Tirthankara. Through Tirthankara’s divine darshan and His divine speech, highly developed people (spiritually) attain the ultimate milestone of kevalgnan, while many take their first step on the path of liberation by getting the  glimpse of ‘I am separate from my body’ in Lord’s presence. These are exclusive privileges that Nature has granted to Tirthankars alone, in the entire Universe!!!

So let’s look forward to attaining Self-Realization from the Living Gnani, in this lifetime; and in our next birth, attain salvation from the Living Tirthankara!!! As a step in this direction, on this auspicious day of the Lord’s birthday, let’s earnestly pray to Lord Simandhar Swami that:

“Dear Lord, Please give me Your protection forever and bestow Your grace upon me so that I meet the Living Gnani and realize my real Self!”

 Our deep inner intent is the key!!




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