Lord Simandhar Swami is the Living Tirthankar (a Living God). ‘Tirthankar’ is a very rare and the ultimate status that one can attain in this world!

A Tirthankara is One, who in his penultimate human birth, harbours an extraordinary strong intent that of ‘Sarva Jeev Karu Shaasan Rasi (May I inspire every living being towards salvation)’. The energy of this intent is so strong that he ends up creating the most auspicious Tirthankar-naam-karma.

A Living Tirthankar’s power is such - by his mere Darshan, a deserving person attains Keval Gnan!

To grace people with Keval Gnan (the final spiritual state of absolute Self-knowledge) is the sole privilege of a Living Tirthankara only, no one else can!

But as we all know, Lord Mahavir, the 24th Tirthankar of the present time half-cycle, has already attained Nirvana and has reached Moksha almost 2600 years ago. In fact, all the 24 Tirthankars have left this Universe before the end of the 4th era and have become Siddh Bhagwan now. Namo Siddhanam! We offer our heart-felt obeisance to all the Siddhas!!!

So Bharat Kshetra today is without any Living Tirthankara and it shall remain so until the next Tirthankara will be born at the beginning of the third era of the next time half-cycle, which means almost another 81,500 years. Consequently, one cannot attain Keval Gnan (Absolute Knowledge) and then ultimate liberation (Moksha), from the Bharat Kshetra (where we live today) in the present time.

Although no Living Tirthankar is in Bharat Kshetra, 20 Tirthankars are alive in Mahavideh Kshetra

Today is the Janma Kalyanak of all the 20 Tirthankars, living in the Mahavideh Kshetra. And of these, Shree Simandhar Swami Bhagwan is the closest to our Bharat Kshetra. Also, he has a subtle bond with our Kshetra as a result of his past karmic deeds. Hence, by praying sincerely to this present Tirthankar, Arihant Simandhar Swami, we, the living beings residing in this Bharat Kshetra right now, can certainly go to him in our next life and with his grace, attain Keval Gnan and ultimate Nirvan. Namo Arihantanam! We offer our heart-felt obeisance to the Arihant Bhagwan!!!

Moreover, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan always said that when Lord Simandhar Swami's idols and images shall be placed in every home and when these idols and images will be worshipped with deep reverence and His aarti be sung in every home, when His temples are constructed all over, there will be heaven on Earth!

Gnani Purush (the Spiritual Master) is the precious link that takes us to Lord Simandhar Swami

In the present condition, here in the Bharat-Kshetra, Aatma-Gnan can be received only from the Living Gnani! And after receiving Aatma-Gnan, when we finish our karma of the Bharat-Kshetra, thereafter one more birth remains, which happens near Lord Simandhar Swami. There, when we finish all our karmic accounts, we reach Keval Gnan i.e. the Absolute Knowledge of Pure Soul. And when that life ends, we attain Nirvaan, the ultimate salvation, after which there is no birth and rebirth.

Thus, the Living Gnani Purush is our primary link today for our ultimate salvation. Our heart-felt obeisance to the Living Gnani!!!

Our present Human life is invaluable

We are already in the 5th Era. And the 6th Era is the next to come, when there will be neither religion nor anything like humanity shall exist at all.

Therefore, now that we have got this precious human life and since we’ve been fortunate enough to have received these important learnings in this life, which help us know that:

  • there is Moksha (the ultimate liberation),
  • there is this Living Tirthankar, Lord Simandhar Swami, born in the Mahavideh Kshetra, through whom we can receive Keval Gnan (Absolute Knowledge) and reach to Moksha and
  • there is this Living Gnani, through whom we can receive Aatma-Gnan and reach to Lord Simandhar Swami,

 Let us absorb these learnings deep into our heart and make it our goal that:

  • this human life is for the purpose of attaining the Soul from Gnani and by following his words finishing all our karmas of Bharat-Kshetra,
  • and not for living a life doing raag-dvesh(Attachment and Abhorrence), or doing yours and mine, or indulging in good and bad, in Moha (Illusory attachment) and Kapat(Deceit), in jealousy and envy, or remaining engrossed in passions of anger, pride, deceit and greed.

So come, on this auspicious day, let’s pray with all our heart to Shree Simandhar Swami that, ‘Oh Lord Simandhar Swami, May all meet Gnani’s grace in this life and with His grace, may we become worthy enough to reach You soon!’

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