Tirthankaras (The absolutely enlightened Lords who can liberate others) are born due to the intent from their previous birth to perpetuate the path of liberation for all living beings. They have risen above all the impurities of anger, pride, deceit, greed etc. and have become pure for the salvation of this world.

Lord Simandhar Swami is a Tirthankar. He is currently present, directly accessible, has a physical body and at present lives and moves about in Mahavideh Kshetra. The Lord’s ego is completely dissolved and He remains in absolute awareness of the Pure Soul. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan has emphasized the importance of praying to Simandhar Swami. He says, by praying to Simandhar Swami and accepting His shelter, He can guide us on the path of achieving ultimate bliss and attaining ultimate liberation (moksha).

The Tirthankaras are free of all the mistakes and their lives are a great inspiration for us. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “He who has resolved once that, 'I will certainly get rid of the mistakes that are left in me', can become Parmatma (Absolute Supreme Soul).” So if we try to overcome our weaknesses, we can rise above them and continue to become better and better each day. However, the complete destruction of these weaknesses is not possible unless we attain Self Realization.

So on this auspicious occasion of Lord Simandhar Swami’s Janma Kalyanak (birth anniversary), let us ask for strength from the Lord to become free of all our weaknesses and pray that may our each and every step always be towards becoming a better individual and finally become one with our own Soul. May we all experience the complete bliss of the Self, that the Lord is an abode of and become completely independent.

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