Satsang in Germany

Monday May 2, 2011

500 old mahatmas (Seekers who have attained self realization through Gnanvidhi) and new seekers had come from different countries i.e. Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria, Luxemburg, Slovakia and Croatia for Gnanvidhi and satsang. German mahatmas have done lots of hard work to make sure that new seekers can properly understand Akram science.

4 books are translated in German language and were made available there.

A renowned spiritual german teacher gave a very nice introduction in german about Gnanvidhi.

ICH bin Reine SEELE are the German words for "I am Pure Soul". German Mahatmas were fascinated by Simandhar Swami and took all murtis(Idol).

Simandhar Swami Idols

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