Hundreds of Mahatmas took procession by wearing turban on motorcycle to welcome Pujyashree at Palanpur.

Palanpur Welcome 1

 Palanpur Welcome 2

Very nice presentation was done by GNC kids in the beginning of the satsang. Thousands of people attended the satsang. Mahatmas enjoyed every bit of satsang.

GNC Kids

 Palanpur Satsang 1

Palanpur Satsang 2

Sevarthi Satsang and Dada darbar was also arranged in Palanpur.

Sevarthi Satsang Palanpur 1 (1)

Sevarthi Satsang Palanpur 2

2100 new people took Gnan Vidhi (Self realization ceremony) on 7th June, 2015.

Palanpur Gnanvidhi

Lot of Mahatmas came for follow up satsang and many had shared excellent experiences.

Palanpur Folloup Satsang


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