Santification Ceremony of Small Idols

Tuesday December 31, 2013

On 29 December, Pujya Deepakbhai performed the sanctification ceremony of over 1,100 small idols of Lord Simandhar Swami and other Gods and Goddesses in Adalaj (Gujarat), India.



After Pujya Deepakbhai completed the ceremony, all the followers carried out the ceremonious bathing (prakshal) and puja of all the idols. This was then followed by arti.

After the ceremony, over 10,000 followers prayed that all the living beings in the universe attain peace and happiness, and that they ultimately attain moksha (liberation). Thereafter the joyous occasion was celebrated by doing garba. But this was no ordinary garba; it was made extraordinary because all the followers danced while carrying the idols on their heads. Dancing in this way showed their respect, utmost humility and devotion to God.


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