Samvatsari - The Seeking of Forgiveness!

Saturday September 3, 2016

Sometimes when we argue with someone, we feel that we will never be able to have the same relation with them, and that the relation will never improve. Countless questions transpire in our minds and we are left to bear the negative effect they have upon us. But this is not true, in reality, every relation no matter how bad, can return to normal again with the application of a divine key.

That key is pratikraman (asking for forgiveness)! By using this key one can erase every mistake in life.

Our life is full of interactions with countless people and sometimes we interfere in each other’s lives and knowingly or unknowingly, someone gets hurt. To remove the ill feelings, the concept of asking for forgiveness on the holy day of Samvatsari has been brought in. Samvatsari is the last day of Paryushan Parva, when everyone repents for the mistakes they made throughout the year. Pratikraman is when we ask for forgiveness from the Pure Soul residing within each and every living being, whom we have hurt and resolve never to repeat our mistake again.  

By using this divine key of pratikraman we can get rid of hatred. We are bound to make mistakes in our life, but we shouldn’t stop there. To escape them; we should incorporate the concept of pratikraman into our lives and create a positive atmosphere for everyone around us!

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