Samvatsari 2015

Wednesday September 16, 2015

Samvatsari 2015

What is Samvatsari? Samvatsari is that auspicious day of the year wherein people seek forgiveness of other people they might have hurt intentionally or unintentionally. It is characterized by people saying “Michhami Dukkam” to each other. This essentially means “I beg your forgiveness”. It is a day which helps us in introspecting and repenting for the mistakes that we have made - mistakes that hurt others, mistakes that upset us. Mistakes caused through our mind, speech and body. Mistakes that may either be obvious or subtle; repetitive or new.

But isn’t it difficult to recount all the mistakes made during the year, on one particular day itself? We make umpteen mistakes in a day itself, don’t we? How will we be able to recollect mistakes of an entire year then?

While something is better than nothing, why wait a year long to cleanse ourselves? Why not do “Michhami Dukkam” daily, rather on the spot? It is simple and effective – all we have to do is to invoke the Lord or Soul within the person whom we have hurt and do pratikraman by saying, "Oh Lord! I repent for my mistake. I ask for your forgiveness and resolve never to repeat it."

“Pratikraman” will make us feel light and blissful.

This Samvatsari let us seek forgiveness for our mistakes and henceforth continue with inner pratikraman on the spot whenever we hurt someone.

Micchami -Dukadam

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