It was 19th March 2024 early morning! As the sun dawned, heard some music and a familiar song. And when taken from a sky view, streams of people were seen flowing through almost every lane in and around ATPL and Simandhar City, Trimandir Adalaj, Gujarat.

Yes, the occasion was Pujya Niruma’s 18th Punyatithi! 19th March commemorates the day when Pujya Niruma left behind the mortal body and advanced to a higher state, from where She continues Her Jagatkalyan work in full swing, even today. All Her life, Pujya Niruma guided people in the right direction so that they find peace while living their worldly life and at the same time, progress on the path of salvation as well. And eighteen years ago, on 19th March 2006, even while leaving, with Her last words ‘Prem thi Rehjo, Promise??’, She bound us all in a Promise, on fulfillment of which, our every purpose of life gets fulfilled with ease.

19th March – a reminder of our promise to Pujya Niruma

At the Dadanagar Convention Hall, soon after the Vidhi-Aarti by the followers was done, Pujyashree Deepakbhai arrived there and, in His special message, explained to the followers that when can we be said to have fulfilled the promise given to Pujya Niruma?

If someone insults us badly, and after two hours he happens to meet us again, then there is no feeling of separation (judaai) for the person who insulted us, our love towards that person remains the same. If someone gives us respect, we do not go overboard. If he comes to us after two hours, we do not have any attachment for him/her, our detached love towards that person is the same. So, one who gives us respect and one who gives us insult, when there’s equal love towards both of them, then he is said to have become Prem-swarup (Embodiment of Love). No matter how much loss one may have caused to us or how much gain one has caused to us, we have equal love towards both. Irrespective of how much hurt one may have caused to us; whenever s/he happens to meet, our love is the same.

‘Niruma’ – a saga of an ideal disciple exhibiting beautiful surrender and wonderful dedication

In the evening, a special video ‘Gnani ni Saachi Odakh’, greatly inspired everyone to the kind of recognition of the Gnani Purush Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan that Pujya Niruma had. Pujya Niruma surrendered to Dadashri as soon as she saw Him and remained so till the end of Her life. Dadashri had carved Her from a rough stone and shaped Her to a beautiful idol of God by chipping away Her ego and false pride with chisel and hammer. So, the stone did not move at all, and with param vinay (absolute humility), it took all the hammerings. And thus, Pujya Niruma reached the state of Gnani!

On this day, in the evening, there was a Bhakti programme, where Swarup kirtan bhakti was followed by the pad bhakti. The devotional songs, that were sung live by the followers, invoked the loving memories of Pujya Niruma in the hearts of the audience, expressed Her virtues of complete surrender, total faith, incredible dedication and absolute oneness and love towards Gnani and His salvation work, and also made everyone realize how Dadashri and only Dadashri resided in Her heart. Day and night, She was in the worship of Dadashri. It’s a rule that whomever you worship, you become so!!! Thus, Pujya Niruma, through Her exemplary life, has shown to the world how an ideal surrender towards Gnani is!

So come, let us also take the blessings of our most loved Niruma and pray to Her that may we be granted the best of the strength to live our life in complete surrender to Pratyaksh Gnani (current living Enlightened One)-an exceptional sculptor, who with His utter compassion and love, is ready to chip away all our ego, lust, false pride, attachments and greed and create an idol worthy to go to Moksha!

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