Pujya Niruma’s Punyatithi

Monday March 18, 2019

Pujya Niruma left Her mortal body on 19, March 2006. She achieved such spiritual heights, that people are able to feel Her presence, even now, whether they have met Her or not. They say, we do not have to keep on remembering Her, She always stays in our memory. They not only feel Her presence, but they also feel that She guides them in their spiritual path through various subtle ways.

In addition to Her unparalleled love and affection, the one thing to know about Her is Her State of Knowledge of the Self and what She did to achieve that State. One of the reasons Pujya Niruma attained extra ordinary spiritual heights is due to that fact that She carried the rarest of virtues. One of which was never letting Herself repeat a mistake again once She recognized it or it was pointed out by others. If we learn how She was able to do this, it will help us to apply and cultivate the same in ourselves so that we do not keep on repeating the same mistakes over and over again.


1. What Pujya Niruma did:  She was clear about Her goals and exactly where She wanted to reach.        

   What can we learn: Having clarity of your goals is as useful as a lighthouse in darkness. You are able to see where you want to go and not get lost, even in the darkest of nights. On the other hand, a lack of clarity leads to chaos and frustration.


2. What Pujya Niruma did: She used to analyze and understand what led to the mistake. This helped Her figure out exactly what point She was getting diverted from Her goals and that meant She could avoid it from before. 

    What can we learn: In order to walk on a path to achieve your goals, you should also know the paths that do not lead there, so that you can avoid  them altogether.


 3. What Pujya Niruma did: She would decide the correct course of action that She needed to follow so that the mistake does not occur. 

     What can we do: Spend some time and analyze the situation. Find other courses of actions and make a plan you can follow. Follow through until you achieve the desired results. 


  4What Pujya Niruma did: She also used to keep a prior awareness of what the right course of action is, so She did not deviate from the correct path. By keeping this awareness, She never allowed Herself to forget Her goal. 

       What can we learn: Keeping awareness beforehand is helpful. If you were passing through a gate you should be aware that once you cross the gate, you need to turn left to move ahead towards your destination.


5. What Pujya Niruma did: She kept a firm determination to follow through on the right course of action to reach Her goals and not get swayed by Her circumstances. 

      What can we learn: We need to keep a firm determination to stick to the right decision or course of action. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Firm  determination is the only real spiritual effort.


These are just a couple of things that Pujya Niruma used to do, as a part of Her Real Spiritual effort to progress on Her Spiritual path. Let us take Her  example and try to follow what She did as much we can. It will be useful for us and allow us to achieve our goals, not to mention it will enable us to overcome our weaknesses as well.

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