Pujya Niruma’s Gnanday

Tuesday July 8, 2014

To celebrate Pujya Niruma’s 46th Gnanday, we are looking at what experiences made Her soar the heights of Spiritual Knowledge!

In 1968, Pujya Niruma first heard from Her elder brother, about a ‘Gnani Purush’(The Enlightened One), also known as Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, who had attained ‘Gnan’ or  Self Realization (knowledge of the Soul). This ‘Gnani Purush’ had the ability to make you realize your Soul in merely two hours, after which neither happiness nor sorrow could touch you in life. It was the first time She heard the word ‘Soul’ in Her life. She thought that, “If, after taking this ‘Gnan’ no worldly happiness or sorrow can affect me, there cannot be anything greater than that. Therefore I must gain this knowledge.” 


Then on June 29,1968, Pujya Niruma met Param Pujya Dadashri for the first time in Vadodara (Gujarat), India. At the age of 23, she took Gnan on July 8, 1968. During her medical exams and the death of her beloved father, Pujya Niruma did not experience any pain or stress. This made Her realize that “Wow! This knowledge is so wonderful and miraculous that one experiences freedom in all events of life.” She recognized that, “Many people in the world could become doctors, but only an exceptional person would become a doctor of the Soul. Therefore, why don’t I assist Param Pujya Dadaji in this mission for the salvation of the world! Can there be anything greater than this in the world?” In this way, She devoted the rest of Her life serving Param Pujya Dadashri in His Mission for the Salvation of the World. At the same time, because of Param Pujya Dadashri’s Science of Akram Vignan, She was able to progress spiritually, such that the total clear experience of the Self (Spashta vedan) had manifest within Her! 

So why don’t we make Pujya Niruma our idol and follow in Her footsteps, so that we too can soar the heights of Spiritual Knowledge? 

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