Pujya Niruma’s 6th Punyatithi

Saturday March 24, 2012

We spent 19th March, the anniversary of Pujya Niruma's mahanirvana day,  in celebration of her extraordinary life and still-living presence.

Our day began with a parade in honor of Pujya Niruma, followed by an inspiring message from Pujya Deepakbhai at Pujya Niruma's samadhi (memorial). In an atmosphere saturated with divine presence, he reminded us of Pujya Niruma's three main requests:

  • Live forever in the spirit of pure love
  • Continuously serve the spiritual upliftment of all beings
  • Exclusively desire full realization of Pure Soul

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Pujya Deepakbhai Doing Darshan on 19th March

That afternoon, a special DVD showcased Pujya Niruma's remarkable life  with a focus on the unconditional love that she embodied. No eyes remained dry in the satsang hall!

In the evening, our extended community gathered to witness a special ceremony for the brahmacharya group (a select group focused upon celibacy and self-less service).  New members were announced, while others were celebrated for an elevation of their spiritual stage and status. Everyone present (children, adults, and seniors; married and unmarried; mahatmas of every religious orientation) were inspired and renewed in their spiritual journey.

Special Ceremony for the Brahmacharya Group

19th march Pujya Niruma Punyatithi Day

Pujya Niruma's spirit continues to be felt by us all. Her touch upon our lives remains ever-fresh, and we remain inspired to live the divine qualities that she embodied.

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