Pujya Niruma’s 10th Punyatithi

Thursday March 17, 2016

On March 19th 2006, before departing Her mortal body, our beloved Mother - Pujya Niruma - asked for only one assurance in the most touching way, "Live with Love.Promise?”

Looking back at some of the incidents in Pujya Niruma’s life, we can see the importance “love” had in her life.

Pujya Niruma had one cardinal rule in life: begin a task from where it is stuck, make amends for things that are ruined. Never use your intellect when dealing with people, only use it to find solutions for problems. This rule made it easy for Her to care for everyone She met in life. For Her, people had value, not things. 

Many celibate boys and girls dedicated their lives to Pujya Niruma, She groomed them as if they were Her own sons and daughters. She never tried to change their behavioral traits or debarred anyone from any work. Instead, She only focused on how to help each of them grow by encouraging their positive traits and qualities. Her mission to spread Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s Spiritual Science of Akram Vignan and bring an end to the suffering of people around the world, now became their mission also.

Pujya Niruma, Herself was the Embodiment of Pure Love! Pujya Niruma’s love was unconditional! She always credited Param Pujya Dadashri for grooming Her and teaching Her about the qualities of love. Her compassionate nature instantly provided any seeker with a comfortable and open environment to discuss their life problems and obtain solutions without any kind of blame or rebuke. Countless people have received and implemented solutions as per Her guidance and continue to do so, bringing about peace and bliss into their lives.

Pujya Niruma has left us with a living image of what “Real Love” looks like. This is perhaps why even 10 years after Her departure; we continue to feel Her subtle presence and grace!!!


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