Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s Punyatithi

Thursday January 1, 2015

A. M. Patel, also known as Dada Bhagwan, departed His mortal body on 2 January 1988.

Dada Bhagwan is the founder of the Akram Vignan movement, a Spiritual Science with a direct, step-less path to Liberation. Dada Bhagwan was a Gnani Purush (Enlightened Being) who realized His Pure Soul and subsequently helped others realize their Soul too. This Spiritual Science enables people to live a peaceful and happy life without any change in their worldly interactions.

Pujya Dadashri was in the bliss of the Self and became completely detached from the physical body of Ambalal Patel. This excerpt of His spiritual discourse on ‘Life after Death’ helps us understand His profound knowledge and experience of the Soul and the Science of Death:

The Soul never dies, but as long as you have not become the Soul (Self-realized), you will experience fear. Do you not fear death? If something were to happen to your body, you will begin to have fear about dying. It is because of your conviction and belief that you are this body and that you are ‘Chandulal’ (reader to use own name), that there is death. But if that focus and belief was not one with the body, then death cannot touch you.

We can also free ourselves from the fear of death, and live happily – by obtaining Self-realization.

Currently, Pujya Deepakbhai Desai conducts Self Realization ceremonies (Gnan Vidhi) across the world with the blessings of Dada Bhagwan.

Let’s keep a strong intent of obtaining Self Realization and hope that many others obtain the Knowledge of the Self as well.

Dada Punyatithi 2015

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