2023's first Jackpot Jatra with Pujyashree

Thursday February 16, 2023

Palitana Tirth Jatra with Pujyashree 

In the auspicious presence of Pujyashree Deepakbhai, the Dada Bhagwan Foundation had organized a beautiful 4-days Jatra between Feb 9 to Feb 12 on the holy land of Palitana, located in Gujarat, India. 

At Palitana, the mountain popularly known as Shatrunjay Giriraj is an utmost sacred pilgrimage place, where Lord Rishabhdev Bhagwan, the first Tirthankar of the present time cycle, is the prime deity. It is said that barring Lord Neminath, rest of the 23 Tirthankars have visited this Tirth and countless of great Souls have attained salvation from here. There are 863 temples, largely made of marble, housed on this 1 mountain. Also, on one of the hillocks is a mosque of Angaarsha Pir, a pious Muslim saint, who saved all of these temples during an invasion by the Mughal Kings in the 14th century. 

A good strength of people (almost 15000 in number) from all over India and the rest of the world joined Pujyashree Deepakbhai in this Jatra. While climbing the holy mountain along with Him, they also climbed up a big way on their spiritual ladder.

That’s the reason why Gnani Purush calls Jatra a Jackpot for the Mahatmas!

This Jatra to Palitana indeed proved to be a super-Jackpot as Mahatmas kept counting their blessings (until they lost the count) wherever they go, be it in the Bhakti program with Pujyashree on the banks of the holy Shatrunjay river in Rohishala.

The blessings continued to flow from Gnani onto the Mahatmas as they joined Him in the worship at Hastgiri, the Taleti Mandir and the Samosaran Mandir. On the actual day of climbing the mountain i.e. on the 11th Feb 2023, the atmosphere on the entire Giriraj was simply electrifying, full of Bhakti and joy! Many Mahatmas started their yatra very early in the morning. Pujyashree too soon arrived at the Taleti (foothill), recited the Trimantra, and along with a lot of Mahatmas, He began his grand Yatra.

As the pilgrims were on their way up to do the Lord Rishabhdevs and the other Prabhu’s darshan, they were quite excited to get Pujyashree’s darshan as well, at different places, at different times, individually and in groups, not once, twice, thrice… no wonder how many times! Amidst the scorching heat, His darshan came in like a cool breeze everytime; vitalizing everyone’s body and energizing each one’s Soul! 

After worshipping the grand and majestic idol of Lord Rishabhdev Bhagwan, adjacent to this temple, there is a temple of Lord Simandhar Swami, the Living Tirthankar at the Mahavideh Kshetra, with whose blessings and grace, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan was able to offer Akram Vignan to the people here of the Bharatkshetra; so all the Darshanarthis did Prabhu’s Darshan at this temple as well.

Then, on the last day i.e. the 12th of February, Gnanvidhi (Self-Realization Ceremony) was conducted, where amongst thousands of Shravak-Shravikas, few of the Sadhus-Sadhvis and Acharya Maharaj attained Gnan (Self-Realization) as well! On completion of the Gnan-vidhi on this most sacred soil of Palitana, the spiritually charged Mahatmas finally paid their last obeisance for now to all the Revered Tirthankars and the sacred Souls seated here and moved on for their journey back home, as Pujyashree left for his next Satsang location at Savarkundla!!!

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