Every one of us is equally responsible for whatever happens around us. Instead of taking the initiative to reform the things we don’t like around us, we have narrowed our vision to achieving our personal goals only. We’ve made ourselves the center of everything that happens around us. We are constantly calculating what the implications of every little change in the circumstances around us, means for us. Deep within the question, ‘What’s in it for me?’ takes over our rationale in every interaction. This attitude shifts our focus towards getting rather than giving. Enlightened Ones have said that Happiness lies in giving not in getting. If there’s something around us that we don’t like, we need to take the first step to ‘give’ by making a positive change.

Today’s fast paced lifestyle and competitive environment has led to jealousy, hatred, selfishness, stress, frustration, and many such negative feelings within us. With all of these, there is no room left within us for inner peace and tranquility. We live in a time of seesawing emotions and the temptation of materialistic pleasures suppresses our core goodness, but in spite of this, we can lead a meaningful life. It all starts with a small act of goodness that can spread happiness to others. It doesn’t take much to give happiness, but when it is done with no expectation of return, it sparks off a chain reaction of positive action in others, to do the same. Now is the time, to understand our responsibility in contributing towards a happier home, neighborhood and society.

‘I Spread Happiness’ is a movement to spread the contagious, positive energy of happiness to others. Let us spread happiness in our ‘inner circles’ of loved ones, family members, close friends, etc. as well as among our ‘outer circles’ of colleagues, neighbors, etc It starts with you taking this one meaningful step in your life to make the world around you a better place. One small gestures on your part could bring a smile to so many around you.

The moment we were born we spread happiness, so why not keep the spark of happiness going on until our last breath.

Let’s spread HAPPINESS! To find out more about this movement, click here.​

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