International Day of Happiness

Thursday March 18, 2021

Human life is a journey! Right from birth unto death, one goes through series of events and circumstances. And the decision or the action that one takes, at every juncture, is majorly influenced by some strong factor or feeling; the most prominent of them being, one’s desire to be happy.

It’s because man is in a constant search of happiness! Be it in professional life or in the social circle, whether it’s about fulfilling one’s duty and commitments or hanging around with close family and friends, one is always seeking pleasure in everything and from everywhere. Yet, most of the times, one is found to be feeling not so happy within. Why?!

Today, being the International Happiness Day, come, let’s take this opportunity to understand why at all do we experience unhappiness of any kind, and thereby also find out the way how we can remain always happy in life.

Conflict on every small matter has become a kind of an order of the day in most people’s life, today. Amidst these conflicts and clashes, obviously, how can one remain happy? So, how do we restore happiness in our lives?

Param Pujya DadaBhagwan says, “People are unhappy due to lack of understanding!”

This means most of the sadness we go through in life is due to our own lack of understanding. We can understand this from the fact that so many times, when we are unhappy, we find that others in the same situation are quite happy. If the situation was responsible for our unhappiness, everyone, when put in that situation, should have been unhappy just like us, isn’t it? However, that is not the case!

This means we are unhappy and the other person is not, because somewhere we lack the understanding that the other person exhibits in the given situation. We should find out what that understanding is. because that’s the right understanding! Whatever understanding helps one remain happy, irrespective of the situation or circumstance, is said to be the right understanding.

So, first of all, we’ll try to find out the reason why we feel unhappiness. Since it is we who are unhappy, we can surely derive the cause behind it too. If we are able to recognize and pinpoint that which is holding us back and keeping us in pain, we will find the way out of this unhappiness too, by setting the right understanding that can do away with that particular cause. The end result will be bountiful unhappiness then!

Generally, it is our own insistences over petty things, our fixed opinions regarding trivial matters, our view point differences with others, differing perceptions over regular subjects, our self-limiting beliefs, our self-created boundaries, our  own anger, our pride, our deceit and greed, which brings in this uninvited guest called ‘unhappiness’ into our life!

But, right understanding is like light; the moment it arrives, it drives out the darkness of unhappiness in no time.

Next, wherefrom can we obtain the right understanding?

You can find a huge repository of enlightened words of the Enlightened One at in the form of free books, videos and webpages that provide simple and effective solutions of various causes that niggle us day in and day out, not allowing us to remain happy!

So come, on this International Day of Happiness, let’s resolve to make our world a happy place, by making ‘right understanding’ our way of life!


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