Inauguration of DVDs and Games

Tuesday December 4, 2012

The inauguration of  a two-sided board game Ticket to Mahavideh and Game of Karma and DVD set for Kids as well as a DVD set for Pati Patni no Divya Vyavhar†was done by Pujya Deepakbhai during the Bhavnagar Janma Jayanti.

The game "Ticket To Mahavideh" and "Game Of Karma" is available in all three languages; Gujarati, English and Hindi. The game teaches children about the losses they incur if they become involved in unhealthy competition, are greedy, disrespect their elders, hurt others and many such wrongful behaviors. It shows the importance of getting rid of these kashayas and striving to be good human beings. The game encourages the understanding within them that if they become free from karmas, then no one can stop them from going to Mahavideh Kshetra and reaching Simandhar Swami and attaining salvation.

inauguration of kids games

The Kids DVD Anand Ullhas (joy and delight) is especially designed for the kids, where they are served Pujya Dadashri's gnan with fun and joy. There is information about GNC, puppet show, moral story and golden moments where kids have spent time with Pujya Deepakbhai.

The DVD set Pati Patni no Divya Vyahar (Harmony in marriage) contains spiritual discourses by Pujya Niruma where many people have found practical solutions to their marital life problems. Niruma has showed them how to apply Param Pujya Dadashri's Akram Vignan in their daily familial interactions and gain a new perspective to live their marital life in harmony and bliss.

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