Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thursday February 11, 2021

Today is Valentine’s day, the day to celebrate love!

Love gives lifelong happiness, provided it is real. But how do we know the love is real or illusory?

Today, in the name of love, selfishness and feign is widely prevalent. Also, by getting lured in the fantasy of having a relationship, one often plunges into it without giving any adequate thought to it. How can such love be anywhere close to the real love then?

We fail to recognise true love as we are generally not aware how is this love actually and how do we develop such love within us? So come, let’s learn more about what are the characteristics of true love.

True love takes us to the destination of Godly Love

  • One having true love does not change their certificate (opinions) for the other person based on someone’s good or bad behaviour, for behaviour is dependent on the circumstances one is surrounded with. If one’s opinion does change, it means it is worldly attachment and not true love.
  • Where there’s worldly attachment, one usually keeps pointing out mistakes, based on one’s own misunderstandings. However, true love never finds any flaw in the person one loves.
  • Where there is true love, there are no expectations. Whether the better-half performs his / her duty well or not, whether they help you in return or not etc., true love remains as it is, undisturbed and unperturbed.
  • True love always puts forward the needs of the other person, while dealing with any situation. Rather than me, my, mine, it gives priority to other’s feelings, and before deciding on any matter, it always takes into consideration the points that signify welfare of all and which leads to achievement of the overall long-term goal.
  • True love never hurts others whether loved, ignored, cheated or betrayed. One that retaliates or harnesses the feeling of revenge is not said to be true love.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “Real love exists where there is no selfishness; where there are no feelings of ‘yours and mine’. Wherever there is a feeling of ‘yours and mine’, there is definitely selfishness there and ignorance of the Self as well. It is because of this ignorance that people have feelings of ‘this is mine and this is yours’. When one acquires Gnan (Self-Realization), one ceases to have feelings of ‘mine and yours’ and attains real love."

So come, let’s rise above selfish love, ascend to true love, and aim for the ultimate real love

This Valentine’s day, let’s pray that may every living being in this world be graced by Gnani with the gift of real love that liberates. Real love is unadulterated and pure. Such unadulterated Godly love transforms man into God!

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