Happy Valentine’s Day!

Saturday February 13, 2016

In Search of ‘Unconditional Love’ on Valentine’s Day 


“Love is unconditional!” “Love is selfless!” But what does ‘unconditional’ actually mean? 

In the dictionary, the word ‘unconditional’ is defined as ‘without conditions or limitations’. But do we actually love without conditions or limitations in real life? 

When our children fail an exam, we get mad at them and punish them. Why is this? It is because we have an expectation, or condition in our mind, that our children should not fail. 

What about when our parents do not meet our demands? How do we react then? We get mad at them too, because we expect them to fulfil all our demands or expectations. 

Considering similar situations in your own life, do you think that your love for your family and friends is really ‘unconditional’? When our expectations of our loved ones are not met, it is the true test of whether or not our love is ‘unconditional’ for them. 

So then, what is the true meaning of ‘unconditional love’? Param Pujya Dadashri says,

 “Only the Gnani (The Enlightened One) who is the embodiment of love can give us the real definition of love. Real love does not increase or decrease. That which increases or decreases is not love; it is infatuation and attraction (attachment, infatuation or love associated with expectation)! Only love of the Supreme Soul has no expectations or self-interest. It is the love that does not look for faults and never changes. It does not overflows when someone offers praise, nor does it turn hostile towards the one who insults. This kind of constant and unlimited love is the incarnate Supreme Soul of the Gnani. Such unparalleled love can only be discerned in the Gnani Purush or a complete Vitarag (one who is free from any attachment) Lord.” 

So, why don’t we take a step on our journey towards experiencing unconditional love by first remaining unaffected when our expectations are not met? 

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