Happy Teacher's Day

Thursday September 4, 2014

September 5 is Teacher’s Day in India. Let’s learn from some tips Param Pujya Dadashri has given students to become worthy of their guru’s grace:  

  • Never see your Guru’s faults. Sometimes, if the Guru tells you something convoluted, or gets annoyed with you; then you should ignore that. Once you have made a Guru, you should never see a single fault of your Guru.
  • If you do not feel dislike for you Guru, then you will reap the benefits of your faith. Even if the Guru behaves foolishly, yet you do not feel dislike for him, then your faith will reap rewards. That is, if you do not spoil your inner intent towards him; because God, the living God, resides within your Guru.
  • No matter how the Guru behaves, the disciple should remain obedient. If the disciple follows the Guru’s instructions; then his work will be done.
  • Keep your guru happy – this will automatically mean that you will be blessed.
  • ‘Krupa Drashti’ – when the disciple follows what the guru asks, it keeps the guru happy that is ‘krupa dhrasti’ 

Teachers Day

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