Happy Republic Day!

Wednesday January 24, 2018

26th January marks the celebration of the Republic Day of India. Do we know why this day is celebrated every year? In the year 1950, the Constitution of India came into effect on this day. After attaining independence in 1947, India had to face many problems. Therefore, it was mandatory to establish a set of rules and regulations guiding the administration of the country. 

Just like it is essential to have a constitution to manage the affairs of a country, is it not necessary for each individual to lay down a constitution for themselves? By doing this, one is able to have a clear purpose and direction in life. Once we decide upon a goal, we are not bound to get lost anywhere in our journey of life.

According to Param Pujya Dadashri, there are two purposes of the human life. One purpose of life is to be of service to others (paropkar). Service to others means that you use your mind, your speech and your actions to help others. Just like a mango tree does not eat its own mangoes but others use its wood, leaves, fruits etc and its life is lived for serving others.

The second purpose of life is for attaining liberation (moksha) from the bondage of karma. It is for the purpose of becoming ‘Absolute’— fully enlightened; to acquire Self Realization. And if one does not get the opportunity to attain the knowledge of Self Realization, then he should live for others. If a person were to follow this goal, he would attain liberation while living, beyond which there is nothing left to attain.

In keeping with the spirit of this day, let us resolve to incorporate these goals into our lives, only then it can be said to have fulfilled the purpose of human life.

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