Happy Republic Day!

Tuesday January 24, 2017

On Republic Day, we come together to celebrate and express patriotism for our nation. Our nation is running in a systematic manner because the constitution was formed on this day, for that purpose.

Similarly, to run our life smoothly we should also incorporate practically applicable principles. Param Pujya Dadashri spent His life maintaining honesty and purity in every interaction. He said, “For purity in worldly interaction, if you interact with others without hurting anyone, then that is considered purity of worldly interactions. Do not hurt anyone, even in the slightest, and if anyone hurts you, suffer it, but under no circumstances should you hurt anyone.” By applying this principle in our life we can gradually become pure and this purity will bring about favorable external circumstances into our life.

So let us enrich our lives with purity so that we can create a better future for the coming generations.

Happy Republic Day!


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