Happy Rakshabandhan!

Tuesday August 16, 2016

Rakshabandhan is the auspiciuous occasion where a sister ties a rakhi (thread tied round the wrist) to her brother. The tying of the rakhi symbolizes that she accepts his protection against all evil, for the rest of her life.

But what if everyone could receive permanent protection, not only for this life, but until they attain permanent liberation?

By tying a rakhi to the current living Tirthankar, Lord Simandhar Swami, we surrender our life to Him and thus accept His unflinching protection until we attain permanent liberation. By tying a rakhi to the Lord we create a sacred bond between us, asking for His protection and securing our next birth under His observance and shelter.

Who better to ask for, for permanent protection than the Lord Himself, He is the guarantor. By asking for His divine protection and tying His wrist with our ultimate faith, we can attain liberation and peace. This means that we will become free from the cycle of birth and death, and attain ultimate liberation (moksha)!

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