Happy Parent’s Day!

Wednesday May 30, 2018

Parent’s Day is a day that commemorates the special bond of love between parents and their children. It celebrates and recognizes the important role of responsible parenting in everyday family life. Parents play a vital role in the lives of their children. The hard work that parents put in, to shape the personality of their child, is remarkable.

In our Hindu culture, for centuries, the intent expressed in the phrase, ‘Maintain respect towards your mother and father by regarding them as celestial Gods,’ has been customarily passed down the generations.

So, if there is any service that is worthy of being done first in this world, then it is to serve your mother and father. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “If you give happiness to your mother and father, then happiness arises in you. Those who make their mother and father happy, are never miserable. Those who serve their mother and father are never miserable. The miseries in this era of the time cycle are in fact, due to not being able to serve one’s mother and father.

What does the Lord say? “If you want to attain liberation then go to the Gnani Purush (Self-Realized One), and if you want happiness in worldly life, then serve your mother, father and guru.” It is possible to attain immense happiness by serving your mother and father!””

Your parents’ brought you into this world. They raised you. They made sure your stomach was full, even if it meant theirs was empty. They gave you new clothes, even if they needed to buy new clothes themselves. They made sure you got a good education, even if it meant they had to work extra shifts. They tried to fulfill as many of you demands as possible, even if they did not have enough money. They made sure that all your needs were met, no matter what they had to sacrifice.

So are you not obliged to them? In return, for all that they have done for you, you should repay them whole-heartedly, shouldn’t you? In fact, even if a person on the street has done you a favor, you never forget it, so then; you should never forget your parents’ benevolence. You should serve them. You should please them. You should not hurt them.

Serving one’s mother and father is so important that even the Vitaraag Lords (absolutely detached Lords) and many saints served their mothers and fathers, up until the end.

By serving our parents, we bind the greatest merit karma, and with that, things will turn out to be good for us. In this world, three people have obliged us the most – our mother, father and our Guru. So let us resolve that we shall never forget their favor!

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