Happy New Year 2022 !

Wednesday December 29, 2021

Happy New Year 2022!

Whether your resolves lasted or not, it’s time to resolve all over again!

Let’s get ready to welcome a brand new year of 2022!

Each day comes with an opportunity; an opportunity to do something better than yesterday. Similarly, each new year begins with new resolutions to progress and move ahead in life. However, in this race of moving ahead further and maximizing our achievements, we often forget about our ultimate goal in life.

A kid plays with toys to seek pleasure. When he grows, he studies hard to have a bright future. Based on the education, he looks for a job to gain satisfaction. Then, he marries with the expectation to become a 'happy man'. During all these stages, he feels happy for a while, but it does not last long. Thus, hunting for happiness continues. Days roll on to weeks and months and years but the quest for happiness doesn’t end.

To know more about happiness and purpose of our life, let’s read below a conversation between an Enlightened person (Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan) and a seeker…

Questioner: What is the purpose of this life?

Dadashri - Life is meant for practicing benevolence and serving others. The deepest science behind this is that when one uses his mind, speech and body for serving others, he will have everything. You will not encounter any obstacles in your life if you help others in any way.

And the second goal, is to break this bondage of life after life. This human life is for attaining eternal liberation (Moksha) from the bondage of karma. It is for the purpose of becoming ‘Absolute’—fully enlightened; to acquire Self-Realization.

Millions of people today have experienced Self Realization and are leading a life free from worries and expectations.

Wouldn’t you also like to experience it?

How can one attain Self Realization?

Just as a goldsmith is required to separate gold from other metals, a Spiritual Master (Gnani Purush) is required to attain Self Realization. With the grace of the Spiritual Master (Gnani Purush), it is possible to achieve this Self Realization via a scientific process called Gnan Vidhi.

Humility and an open heart are all you need to receive this invaluable experience.

As we all get ready to welcome the new year, let’s take a step ahead and know our ‘real’ Self.

Wishing everyone a brand new year, bursting with joy and happiness, and this time… the real happiness!

Happy New Year 2022!!!

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