Happy Navratri

Saturday October 10, 2015

‘Navratri’ as the name suggests – is a festival of nine days. The festival is symbolized by garba, devotional songs, aarti, and worship to Goddess Amba.

Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Amba – She represents naturalness of prakruti (The non-Self complex). She represents the original energy force.

If we worship Goddess Amba, our prakruti gains energy. The Prakruti becomes powerful and energized. And gradually, the prakruti attains its natural state – and this natural state helps us to be in the awareness Self and increase happiness on the spiritual path. Goddess Amba can destroy one's worldly obstacles as well.

And more so, devotion to Goddess Amba alongwith the knowledge of Self-realization (Who am I) can bring us best results in the worldly life as well as in our spiritual understanding.

So, let us celebrate this Navratri with devotion to Goddess Amba and seek her blessings for the naturalness of our prakruti.

Navratri -2015

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