Navratri is an opportunity to pray to Mataji and get immersed in her bhakti. Devotees do this by doing garba, singing her aarti and stuti (singing her praises).

But why should we do bhakti? Is it just to experience peace? Moreover, can a person involved in worldly affairs do bhakti? The answer is yes! As, bhakti is not about how much you pray God but with what intent you pray. Bhakti is simply a selfless connection and communication with God through songs and hymns.

And its outcomes are tremendous!

- The inherent characteristic traits (prakruti) start becoming natural and the hidden energies within you start to develop.

Bhakti develops our heart, pacifies our intellect and settles our mind.

-  The movement of the body and clapping while truly engrossed in bhakti or garba will remove the impurities within oneself.

- True devotion pleases God and the devotee will be showered with His grace.

So why not be a part of bhakti this Navratri and be blessed with Mataji’s grace!


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