Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday May 11, 2019

Out of all the relationships that we develop during our lifetime, our bond with our mother is the oldest. It goes back to the time even before our birth. Though it is the most valued relationship but often it is also the most complex one. We know that we owe so much to our mother; yet we almost always take them for granted.

In the initial years of our growing up, her role in our life isn’t just that of a caretaker who looks after our health, safety, food etc. She also teaches us the basic life skills and values, which we wouldn’t have learnt otherwise. But as we grow older, we often start undermining her worth and tend to immerse ourselves more in the other newly found pleasures of life like friends, money, fame, achievement etc. We might even dislike her for all the imposed rules and her words of caution; but despite all this, she always remains an invisible steady constant in our life.

Param Pujya Dadashri says, “In this world, we are greatly indebted to three people: father, mother and Guru! They have guided us towards the right path, so their obligations can never be forgotten.” No matter what our achievement in life is, it can never change the fact that our relationship with our mother will always remain the most important relationship we’ll ever have.

Pujya Dadashri has laid special emphasis to being respectful to our parents and serving them sincerely. He cautions us, saying, “The person who sees faults in his/her parents will never prosper. Such a person may become materially wealthy, but she/he will never progress spiritually. How can we forget their obligations?” He further says, “When children remain obedient and ‘aadhin’ (heartily surrendered) to their parents at all times, even if they don’t like doing so, they will experience peace and happiness from within.”

On this Mother’s Day, let us revive our bonds with our mothers by saying these simple words to her, ‘MOM, I AM SORRY’ for all the past mistakes and the hurt caused to her, knowingly and unknowingly. Although a single day isn’t enough to recognise her tall contribution in our life, but it does give us a chance to undo our mistakes by asking for her forgiveness. Remember, this is the ONLY bond that is strong enough to withstand all the ups and downs under any circumstances. Hence, let us make this Mother’s Day a special day by paying an earnest tribute to our mother, who is the reason for our very existence!

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