Happy Mother’s Day!

Friday May 11, 2018

Mother's Day celebrates motherhood, maternal bonds and mothers as a whole. It is a special opportunity for families to show their appreciation for mothers, because mothers are irreplaceable.

Pujya Niruma is an embodiment of pure love. She is the mother of the world and that is the reason the subtle presence of Pujya Niruma is still felt by us all. She understood the entire science of Akram Vignan and possessed the outstanding ability to convey it to us. She gave us the knowledge of ‘Who am I’, thus paving the way for our salvation - the ultimate destination or goal of the human life.

Pujya Niruma promised Param Pujya Dadashri that she would execute with complete dedication His vision of the world's salvation, through the simple path of Akram Vignan. She fulfilled this promise until her last breath. Let us promise that we will also fulfil her desire until our last breath. Just like a mother is the whole world to her child, Pujya Niruma is our whole world. We just need to follow her every word.

Let us celebrate the Pujya Niruma’s presence this mother’s day and fulfil her final wish that all of us should, ‘Live with love, promise?’

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