Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday May 11, 2014

In 1987, Param Pujya Dadashri told Pujya Niruma, “Niruben, you have to become the mother of the whole world.”

Since then Pujya Niruma strived to realize Dada’s words and lived by Dadashri’s definition of pure love - which neither increases nor decreases, but is always constant. Where there is pure love He says, there is no weakness, there are no expectations and one does not see faults in others. In so doing, She was able to become the mother of the whole world.

Attesting to Pujya Niruma’s pure love, many of Dadashri’s followers still remember Her pure love. Every follower who came in contact with Her would feel as if each one was individually blessed with Her pure love. Because of the strength of Her pure love, Pujya Niruma still resides in the hearts of thousands of mahatmas.

Mother 's Day 2014

Here are two incidents that exemplify Pujya Niruma’s pure love. The first incident is when a celibate boy was hesitant to move to Simandhar City. After Pujya Niruma inquired the reason for his hesitation, he said that he did not want to move because if he did, he would no longer get to eat any Kajju Katri (Indian Sweet Dish). Pujya Niruma immediately told him that he should move and that She would feed him Kajju Katri. Subsequently, every time Pujya Niruma received Kajju Katri, she would first remember that celibate boy and call him. Upon seeing Pujya Niruma’s pure love, the celibate boy soon forgot his love for Kajju Katri and whole heartedly surrendered to Pujya Niruma.  

The second incident occurred in Baroda, where Pujya Niruma’s satsang had been organized. After setting up the cameras, the camera man who setup the cameras became busy with other work. Just then, the big camera which faces Pujya Niruma, fell down after being pushed by a small boy. The entire video team was upset and scared because the camera happened to be very expensive. They immediately switched the camera with a smaller one. Upon Pujya Niruma’s arrival into the hall, she instantly noticed that a different camera was being used for recording. When Pujya Niruma was told that the bigger camera had been broken, instead of scolding the camera man like he had expected, Pujya Niruma immediately sent a message saying that they would all have an ice cream party later on. Hearing this he became totally relaxed and his facial expression changed. Later that night there was an ice cream party and Pujya Niruma also had some! On experiencing Pujya Niruma’s calmness and love from that day forward he started taking extra care of all the equipment to ensure that it did not get lost, broken.

In this way, in some way or another whoever met Pujya Niruma, even for the first time experienced Her selfless and Pure Love.

Pujya Niruma’s final message before She left Her mortal body was, “Live with Love.”

So this Mother’s Day, why don’t we try to be like Pujya Niruma and fulfill Her parting request? 

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