Happy Maha Shivaratri

Saturday March 5, 2016

Awaken Your Soul and Experience the Permanent Bliss of Shiva, this Maha Shivaratri!!!

Maha Shivaratri commemorates the auspicious night when Lord Shiva became ‘Neelkanth (the one with the blue throat)’. This is because Lord Shiva readily drank a deadly poison that had emerged from the churning ocean (Samudra Manthan), in order to save the universe from destruction. However, He kept the poison in his throat, instead of spitting it out or swallowing it because that would have caused the destruction of both the Lord and the universe.

What does this divine act of love signify? What does it tell us? It tells us that we should face unfavorable situations, such as insults, without spitting or swallowing. In this case, spitting would mean to react negatively or violently in the mind or through our speech, which would only result in more vengeance. Similarly, swallowing means to tolerate the insult, which means you bear the pain of the insult but suffer incessantly. Both these ways of dealing with insults are not feasible, because Lord Shiva does not like a person hurting himself or others.  

So, why not learn to deal with all poison-like insults or disgraces by not spoiling our mind and speech as well as by not hurting the opposite person in any way. But how is this possible in this day and age? 

Through spiritual science! Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s Spiritual Science provides one with such an understanding that allows one to remain unaffected in any unfavorable situation. One is able to remain free in unfavorable situations because one has the answers to questions like – “Who is at fault?”, “Why am I suffering?”, “Who is the cause behind my suffering?”. This holistic vision allows one to remain in the blissful state of Shiva, permanently!

This Maha Shivaratri let’s learn from Lord Shiva by awakening our Soul and remaining separate from the pain of insult!


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