Happy Independence Day!

Tuesday August 12, 2014

August 15, is the Independence Day of India! We, as Indians, are enjoying freedom and peace today, all thanks to the struggle and sacrifice of our forefathers.

But what about our inner peace? What about our ego who rules over us? What about our slavery to our own thoughts? How do we obtain freedom from bondage?

Independence Day

Most people would reply, “By following religion” And by following religion we climb the steps of progress. But have you ever asked yourself, ‘What should be the result of having followed religion? Have my worries decreased? Do I still experience inner suffering? Do I still get angry? Do I continue to get into conflicts with people? Has my inner suffering come to an end? Or do I now experience inner peace and live in harmony with everyone around me?'

So then, one may wonder, “Why isn’t there freedom from suffering even after practicing religion?”

It is because of our lack of understanding. By obtaining the Knowledge of the Self (Atma Gnan) and by being in awareness that I am a Pure Soul, we will be able to live a happy worldly life in the midst of a job, and a family and still experience freedom from all suffering. So come, let’s strive to get Independence from our own suffering!

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