Thursday August 13, 2015

It is time to celebrate the spirit of patriotism and commemorate the sacrifices of many great heroes on this 68th Independence Day of India. Many fought, made strategies, led huge movements, gave up their lives, all with only one goal of freeing India from the clutches of colonial rule.

While India has become an independent country, how many of us truly feel independent? How many of us are still slaves – Slave to our ego? Slave to expectations from others and from ourselves? Slave in the race to prove ourselves? Slave to agony and pain?

While we may realize our slavery, but how we do we become free from such internal slavery?

Well, there is someone who has struggled, not just in one life, but since infinite life-times, to attain freedom from such internal slavery, freedom from slavery to ego, anger, pride, greed, deceit!

It’s none other than Dada Bhagwan and his Akram Vignan. No meditation, no rituals, no religious barriers – only understanding through spiritual discourses – Understanding Who am I? What is ego? What is Soul? Can I live a contented life?

Dada Bhagwan’s Spiritual Science is here to free us from the clutches of internal slavery to ego! Let’s become a truly independent Self!

15august -2015

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