Happy Holi

Monday March 21, 2016

It’s time for Holi – the festival of colors!

We all celebrate the festival of Holi every year, but do we know the science behind colors? Any color that the human eye can see – is essentially derived from the three Primary colors – blue, red and yellow. So if we alter the amount of even one primary color then we get a completely different color.

And so it is in life, where by changing even one evidence in any event that is due to occur, the outcome changes, and if an evidence is missing then that event cannot take place at all. Think about it – when we want to make even one cup of tea - how many evidences do we need? We need tea leaves, we need a pot to make the tea in, we need milk, we need a cup, we need a strainer, we need sugar, we need water, we need a gas burner, we need to have gas, and we even need someone who can make the tea! What if one of the evidences were missing? Would we be able to make tea? No! Without tea leaves – there would be no tea. How about without water? What about without gas? And what if you had all the evidences but there was no one to make the tea? Then would you be able to?

And it doesn’t stop at just making tea. In order for any event in this world to occur there are countless evidences that have to be present for that event to take place. If even one evidence is missing then that event will not take place. In reality all we do is believe that “I did this…” “I did that….”

What do you think – are we really capable of doing anything?


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