Happy Holi!

Wednesday March 20, 2019

Holi is a festival of colours, celebrated to welcome the spring season. It is a two-day festival. The first day is known as, ‘Holika Dahan’ – in which people burn a heap of stacked sticks in order to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. On the second day, people get together and play by throwing colours and water on each other. They forget their differences and reunite to regain the lost charm in their relationships.

Unfortunately, the differences start to creep back in and soon the conflicts are back like before. Therefore, one needs to solve the conflicts created in their relationships with correct understanding. This is the only way to permanently remove the differences in relationships.

One of the biggest causes of conflict are the misunderstandings created by the conversations we have with each other. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan that from everything we tell someone, the other person only understands some of it. Many a time a person does not understand what you are trying to tell them at all. They cannot grasp your viewpoint. So then, you have to patiently explain to them that, “This is my intention. Such is my viewpoint. This is what I am trying to tell you. Let me know whether you understand it or not. And if I don't understand what you are saying then I will try to understand it.” You should say this. You should bring clarity and how should that be done? It should be in a friendly tone. You should identify the other person's viewpoint. Thus by understanding the viewpoints of each other, we can reduce conflicts that are being created in our relationships.

Thus although the Festival of Holi provides us an occasion to reignite the charm in our relationships, let us all try to bring about a permanent solution by applying Param Pujya Dadashri advice and reduce the conflicts in our relationships.


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