Happy Guru Purnima !

Saturday July 8, 2017

Empty your Bucket…

If you have a bucket of water, which is completely full, how can you fill more water in it? It is impossible, is it not? The only way to fill more water would be to first empty the bucket completely. In the same way, in life, when we want to learn anything then first we need to realize that, ‘I do not know anything.’ Once we accept that we do not know anything ie: empty our bucket, only then can it be filled with new knowledge. If we keep the belief within us that, ‘I know everything’ ie: keep the bucket full, then we will not be able to learn anything new.

Anyone who teaches us something in life becomes our guru. When we make someone our guru, we do so with the intention that we want to learn something from them. By holding on to the belief that, ‘I do not know anything,’ we will be able to easily grasp what our guru is teaching us. If we hold on to the belief, that, ‘I know,’ then we will not only learn anything; we will not be able to come out of our faults. If we just open up our mind, then our guru can show us our faults. Thus enabling us to come out of our faults and better ourselves. 

This quality of being humble in life does not only help you learn, but it can actually help you progress on your path to permanent liberation.

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