Happy Friendship Day!

Friday July 30, 2021

Happy Friendship Day!

Every year, the Friendship day is celebrated in honour of the beauty of a very special relationship that people share with their friends.

Friends are such a spice, who add a bit more to our life- a bit more calmness when we are sad, a bit more confidence when we feel down, a bit more happiness to our moments of joy and a big list going on and on.

However, while in the journey of this beautiful friendship, sometimes this relationship takes such a turn, that it loses all its flavour and charm.

What is this turn on the road of friendship?


Yes, when friendship becomes more of a competition, it loses all its beauty and charm.

For instance, when one gets to know that their friend has secured good grades, or good name and fame, or some other achievement and one doesn’t feel happy for their friend, on the contrary feels jealous and miserable, it means the friendship has taken the bad turn and has got into competition.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, while giving the similie of a racecourse, explains how one invites suffering into their life, by entering into a competition with others:

“People suffer because they compete; they enter into a competition. You have to just watch; simply ‘see’ which horse comes first. When one continues to simply ‘see’, then the ‘seer’ has no pain or suffering. Those who enter a ‘racecourse’ have to suffer the pain. So it is not worth entering a ‘racecourse.” People compete to become equivalent, and more so greater than others.

However, Param Pujya Dadashri cautions us saying:

“Up until now, all efforts have been towards becoming the greatest. ‘I want to be greater than him; I want to be greater than him.’ See, the competition has begun, has it not? Who wins the prize? The prize goes only to the horse that comes first. What about the rest? There is no prize for them even after running so hard.”

Thus, there is no meaning in getting into competition with anyone; then with own friends? Never!

How can we allow the beauty of our friendship get destroyed by letting in competition, just because of our desire to have whatever our friend has? No, this takes us nowhere. Doing so, neither do we progress nor do we stay happy. Rather it harms us, and more importantly it hurts our friendship too.

Everyone is unique! So, why not appreciate the goodness in each and every one? While competition ruins our relationship, learning to accept, enjoy and appreciate the achievement of our friends open-heartedly, makes our life even more happy and joyous and helps our friendship bond grow stronger and stronger!


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