Happy Diwali!

Saturday October 26, 2019

DIWALI is here. And seeing it come, POSITIVITY is in the air!

Everyone is in a joyous mood, busy cleaning their homes, decorating their surroundings, putting colourful rangolis, and doing shopping left, right and centre, preparing sweets and delicacies, wearing new and good clothes, visiting friends and relatives, exchanging gifts and hugs, lighting diyas and doing puja.

During Diwali, we get to see that not only homes, but every street, office, shop and temple is brightly illuminated. And above all, every heart is illuminated with LOVE and LIGHT. Do you know the reason why? It’s because Diwali is a festival that celebrates triumph of positivity over negativity, of light over darkness! (Light is a metaphor used to signify knowledge) Diwali is a festival that celebrates the spiritual victory of the positivity of Lord Rama, and also the final liberation of the Fully Enlightened Tirthankar Lord Mahavira on this day!!

Param Pujya Dadabhagwan says, “It has been going on since the period of Lord Mahavira that those who are positive will flow towards ultimate salvation, and those who are negative will go astray. Therefore we should adopt one principle in life. We should always remain positive. Never give any support to the negative. Whenever any negativity arises, we should remain silent to get rid of negativity by maintaining equanimity. Only positive will remain then. So, in your worldly affairs, stay positive.”

Param Pujya Dadashri shows an easy way to migrate from negative to positive.

“You do not have to remove anything, you only have to bring in and ‘see’ the positive. The negative will then automatically leave its place. Instead of trying to get rid of darkness, turn the light on. Be determined to remain positive and while keeping your determination, if anything negative happens or comes up, then let go of the negative and always remaining positive.”  

One may wonder, ‘why do I get negative in my life, even though I have never done any harm to others?’ To this, Param Pujya Dadashri lovingly replies, “Any suffering, harm or negative that human beings face in their life, is to make them clean of their shortcomings and flaws.”

We, very often, naturally, begin to curse, blame or speak negative of others in the name of justice-injustice.

Param Pujya Dadashri  Dadashri cautions us by holding a red flag at this point.

He says, “The world is never going to be just or unjust. However, we don’t realize the responsibility that comes (the amount of suffering that we are inviting) onto us by cursing others. Therefore, we should not say or act anything irresponsible; rather take everything positively. Do not even listen to anything negative that is being said about others. It is very dangerous.” If someone curses you and you have a bad thought about him that too is considered negative. Positive always gives happiness and negative brings nothing but great deal of grief in life.

Life with Gnani, the Enlightened One, is like everyday Diwali!!!

So, in the company (saanidhya) of Gnani, let’s illuminate our heart with the light of positivity and allow our love to reach out to each and every being in this world! May the divine light of Gnani spread into your life. Wishing you and your loved ones a positively-charged Happy Diwali!

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