Happy Children’s Day!

Wednesday November 13, 2019

When you give happiness to others, you derive immense happiness from within. Have you ever experienced this principle in life?

If not, try throwing some grains in your compound today. And then see how you feel within, when birds flock in to eat them. If you find yourself enjoying this feeling, try assisting your mother in her daily chores, in whatever little way you can. Seeing that surprise and smile on Mama’s beautiful but tired face, don’t you forget to see what happens inside you! Are you seeing happiness gushing in your life? This is but natural, for it is a given natural law that when you give happiness, you get happiness!

Do you know when Param Pujya Dadashri was a young child, what he used to do? Let’s learn about it in His own words…

“Since childhood, I had this quality of obliging nature. Yes, I liked to oblige people. When I was only nine years old, my mother would send me to purchase vegetables, ‘Go and bring some vegetables.’ Now, the vegetable market was half a mile away from home. While I left from home and walked down the street, I would go asking every neighbour on my way, “I am going to buy vegetables, do you want any? If yes, let me bring them for you.”

Param Pujya Dadashri reveals His inner feelings, saying, “I was of the feeling that if I brought vegetables only for our home, how futile would that be. Therefore I would ask the neighbours and get their vegetables too. I have spent my entire life in service of others; not a single day have I thought about myself. But I’ve enjoyed it from the bottom of my heart. I liked to please others. ‘How do I make someone happy, how do I oblige people’ was something that I liked to do.”

Sharing His words of wisdom, Param Pujya Dadashri nurtures in us the virtue of serving the mankind and guides us from where to begin, “Obliging nature begins from home. Further emphasizing on how being helpful and respectful to our elders is an important aspect to be cultivated in our life.To look after our elders is the highest religion. You will receive what you give. If you are abusive towards your elderly parents all the time, you will encounter similar abuse when you grow old. You are free to do what you want.”

It may happen that elders, at times, get angry on us. But let this not dishearten us. Param Pujya Dadashri explains, when a car overheats, don’t we allow it to cool down? Similarly, our elders may have got into some conflict when outdoors, as a result of which, you see a disgruntled expression on their face when they come home. Now, rather than complaining about their disgruntled look; you must understand that they may have encountered some difficulty; and thus wait patiently until they cool down.

Did you like Param Pujya Dadashri’s teachings?!

So come, today being Children’s Day, let’s resolve to serve our elders everyday happily, heartily and respectfully!

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