Gurupurnima !

Wednesday July 29, 2015

What is a guru?

A guru is more than just a teacher; he is a guide. He teaches his disciples the ultimate truth, he offers the tools to overcome ego by introducing a person to his true self- the pure soul. He teaches what is right from wrong and how to absolve yourself of past wrongs. When a person truly surrenders to the Guru’s guidance, he will become free from suffering and achieve eternal bliss.

What is the importance of a Guru?

A guru is the only person who can guide a person on the path to liberation so that he or she can finally escape the illusion with truth and no longer suffer through the bondage of sorrow and death.

What is Gurupurnima?

Gurupurnima is an Indian festival which is celebrated during the full moon when the Guru is in his full form. The word Guru literally translates to Gu- darkness, and Ru- Antidote of darkness. Just as the full moon illuminates the dark night, it is during this sacred time that the guru’s disciples will be able to receive the most “light” from his guru so that they can find their way out of the darkness and achieve more towards their spiritual growth. Param Pujya DadaBhagwan states that whatever is asked of him during this time in relation to ones progress towards achieving enlightenment, he will grant it.  The DadaBhagwan Foundation makes the most out of the auspicious period by holding a week shibir every year for all of its followers as well as anyone who is interested in finding truth and a path towards liberation. This year it will be in Phoenix, Arizona from July 26- July 31, 2015. Pujya Deepakbhai will hold satsangs on the 27th& 28th, perform GnanVidhi on the 29th and on the final day, Gurupurnima Day, everyone who attends will get a chance to do a personal darshan with Pujya Deepakbhai. Every year people gather from all over the world to attend this event, because not only is it spiritually fulfilling, it is also filled with fun events, including a children’s cultural show and garba.

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Gurupurnima -2015

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