GURU – The Beacon of Light

Saturday July 13, 2019

GURU – The Beacon of Light

Happy Guru Purnima!

Guru Purnima is an auspicious day dedicated to express our gratitude towards our Gurus!!!

It is celebrated more so in the Asian countries, on the day of full moon night in the month of Ashadh as per the Hindu calendar, which usually falls in the month of July.

The full Moon symbolizes the position that the Guru holds in the life of the disciple. Guru’ means the One from whom we learn and ‘Purnima’ signifies the full moon night that spreads light and removes darkness. Like the full Moon night (Purnima), Guru removes the darkness of ignorance from our life and leads us to the full light of right knowledge.

A sacred relationship.

Our worldly life is made up of relationships, the Guru-disciple relationship being one of them. It is a sacred relationship based on the foundation of unconditional love, oneness and total surrender. One attains the energies of the person one is surrendered to. So, when you are faithfully surrendered to your Guru, you acquire His strength and energies automatically.

The Guru-disciple bond

Guru gives - disciple takes, Guru guides - disciple follows, Guru teaches - disciple learns.

Guru looks after you in every situation that you get placed in, while in His association. He inspires you, encourages you, guides you, warns you, protects you and ensures that you rise above all the difficulties that come your way and reach your ultimate destination.

Guru is a lighthouse with whose help we navigate through the obstacles and safely reach the port (our final destination). Guru is a beacon of light so that we don’t get lost; a beacon of faith such that we never lose hope.

No knowledge, be it worldly or spiritual, can be attained without a Guru.

Guru is the one who imparts knowledge and thus takes us from darkness to light.

The first obligation therefore for any student or a disciple is to follow the Guru’s directive whole-heartedly. When we, as a disciple, abide by the words of our Guru with firm determination and sincerity, and follow Guru’s every directive with utmost faith and humility, we become worthy of Guru’s choicest blessings that in turn help us progress on the path ahead.

On the other hand, instead of expressing gratitude, if we harness ill-feelings for our Guru and find faults with Him when He happens to show strictness while training us, or we disobey Him, overrule His instructions and show disregard for His precious advices, we undertake a great liability onto ourselves and obstruct our own path of progress, not realizing that we, with our own hands, are cutting the ladder that is taking us higher up.

If you have the right intent to learn, you can learn by just observing the Guru.

A real student is one who follows the footsteps of Guru with sheer enthusiasm in his heart, one who never loses faith in His Guru, and one who never forgets what all he has gained from his Guru. You can develop these virtues by keenly observing the Guru.

One needs Guru in every stage of life.

Anyone whom we’ve learnt something from is our Guru.

Our mother is our first Guru! She is the one who teaches us the basic mannerisms and values. Our father is a Guru, holding whose hand, we learnt to walk. Our teachers are our Guru, who’ve groomed us into good citizens by giving us basic education. Our religious Guru inspires us to leave the bad and adopt the good to progress in life.

The ultimate Guru is one who changes our vision!!!

The ultimate Guru is the Sadguru who introduces us to our real Self and helps us attain Self-Realization. He gives us the real vision of “I am a Pure Soul”, with which we can see things as they really are. This huge transformation in our vision can happen only by the grace of a worthy Guru, who is called a Sadguru!!!

So come, on this auspicious day of Guru Purnima,…

Let us express our gratitude to all the Gurus who have helped us grow in life, and surrender ourselves in the holy feet of our present Guru, with whose grace we are presently marching ahead on the path of our progress.

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