Good bye to 2015, Happy New Year 2016!

Thursday December 31, 2015

It is New Year’s Eve. Celebration time!!! Bid farewell to 2015. Usher into the New Year.

Year after year, we celebrate a new year – be it a 31st Dec or our birthday. We move ahead, we move forward. And after all, it is not possible for us to hold onto time, isn’t it?

But many a times, we have this emotion to not let a moment pass by. And many other times, we think of the moment that is yet to come. Either stuck in the past or worried about the future!?!

‘Live in the present’ – we agree to this in theory, but what is the practical challenge we face? What is it that doesn’t allow us to settle in the present?

There does exist a quick solution to this! It is possible for us to always ‘Live in the Present’ if we attain the real knowledge of the Self and the understanding on how the world runs! Our tensions, worries, baggage of the past can be scientifically tackled, and we can enjoy and remain happy in the present.

This new year while you celebrate, put on your thinking caps and start ‘Living in the Present’.

Good Bye -2015

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