Good Bye 2017, Welcome Eventful 2018!

Friday December 29, 2017

Just as the time to bid farewell to 2017 comes nearer, the thoughts and picture of the New Year 2018 begins to take shape in our mind. As we enter the New Year, everyone wishes family and friends a very “Happy New Year”. Many people also make new years’ resolutions.

Every one of us wants to be happy in every moment of our life, do we not? However, we have happy as well as sad moments one after another. The happy moments and the sad moments are not constant. They come and go away. So despite wishing our friends and family well and trying to be happy at all times, we become depressed during unfavorable times and overly happy during favorable ones.

Param Pujya Dadashri says that, “Equanimity is when abhorrence does not arise during the circumstances of abhorrence and attachment does not arise during the circumstances of attachment.

If we wish to do something and other circumstances do not support it then we should not be unhappy or have complaints for anything, and nor should we get disturbed and see the faults of others. Similarly, when all favorable circumstances gather around us, we need not be overly happy, rather we should remain equanimous during both scenarios.

So, for the ones who treat us nicely, give us respect and the ones who do not, we must have equal love for them both. Even if we tend to react with someone towards an insulting behavior, our intent should be such that this is not correct and we should repent within for the same.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan further explains that, “It is considered equanimity when attachment does not arise towards someone who offers flowers and abhorrence does not arise towards someone who is pelting stones.

So let us all make a resolution for 2018, that no matter how favorable or unfavorable our outer circumstances are, we will stay equanimous from within, in all situations!

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