Godhra Trimandir Visit

Saturday May 24, 2014


On May 23rd, Pujya Deepakbhai visited the Trimandir, in Godhra (Gujarat), India.

 Pujyashree Visit To Godhra Trimandir


Simandhar Swami

The Godhra Trimandir looked magnificent from every angle. 

 Godhra Trimandir

This time Dada’s followers from Godhra had the special opportunity to get Pujyashree’s darshan in a Dada Darbar Session.

 Dada Darbar

Pujyashree also conducted a Spiritual Discourse Session with the followers and there was a Bhakti Session too.    


The Trimandir Sewarthi (volunteers) later had the chance to spend some personal time with Pujyashree. 


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