Global Forgiveness Day !

Monday July 6, 2020

Global Forgiveness Day is a day to rivet our attention on a very important act, which is that of forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the greatest virtues. And therefore, almost every religion preaches in favour of ‘forgive and forget’, and teaches how we can live a happy and peaceful life by ‘allowing the act of forgiveness to supersede one’s feelings of revenge!’

But even while we may like to endorse these preachings, we generally have so many complaints for people around us, “My family does not understand me, my boss does not involve me in the project, the pickpocket robbed me, etc.” And we strongly believe that ‘it is because of them that I had to suffer!’ The biggest glitch therefore while forgiving someone is, ‘why should I, or how can I forgive him / her when I had to suffer so much due to that person’s fault(s).”

This is where Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan shows us the light by serving the wonderful science of:

‘The Fault Is Of the Sufferer’

According to the worldly law, the one who inflicts pain is at fault, while as per God’s law or the Nature’s law, ‘The fault is of the sufferer.’

When our pocket gets picked, then who is at fault? Our neighbour’s pocket did not get picked. Why it is that only our pocket got picked? It is because the regulation as per God’s law, the real law, catches only the one who is at fault. This law is exact and precise - the fault is always of the sufferer. The one who inflicts pain will have to suffer some day for this deed of his. However today, it is our own wrong and faulty past deed which has been caught, and hence being punished for by Nature.

Without fault, suffering cannot arise! Over and above, when we choose to blame others and try to prove that it is indeed the other person’s fault, we are committing further more faults. More faults means more suffering to come! Thus, the sequence of our suffering keeps multiplying! One creates constant pain and worries by pointing out faults in others. This is what creates suffering day and night. And on top of that, we feel, ‘I have to suffer so much.’

When We Can See the Other Person as Innocent, the Forgiveness Is Spontaneous and Genuine

So, to curb our sufferings, we must first begin by forgiving all those people whom we have regarded to be faulty so far, for we now know that it was we who were really faulty. Our intellect will show, “This person did this mistake and he spoilt my work.” But after knowing the science of, ‘The fault is of the Sufferer’, we will be able to forgive the person very easily as we realize that scientifically the other person is merely a post-man chosen by Nature to deliver the result of my wrong deeds. It was only to punish my deeds that Nature got him to do this!

Next We Go Further and Seek Forgiveness From God For Our Faults

Param Pujya Dadashri says, “The suffering exists to the extent that a fault exists. When the fault comes to an end, then no person in this world, no circumstance, will be able to give us suffering.”

Thus, on this special day, at home, in business, at work, everywhere, to find out, ‘Whose fault is it?’, we shall investigate, ‘Who is the one suffering in this?. I am suffering; so it is my fault. Hence I seek forgiveness from God for this fault; and ask Him for strength so that I do not repeat this mistake.’ This will help wash off our mistakes, one by one.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan says, “If you are pure, no one can do anything to you - such is the law of this world. Therefore, if you want to break your mistake, then you should break it.” So, why not break it then? And on what better day can we begin that other than today, the Global Forgiveness Day!!!

So come, let us today determine to apply the above understanding at every step in our life, adopt this virtue of forgiving others for the visible mistakes and seeking forgiveness from God for our own faults, and thus set ourselves free from suffering so that we can live our life very happily.


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